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Fryday Fish and Chips; They're Smokin'

  • History

    Since the 1860’s, fish and chips has been a British favourite with more than 10,500 specialist fish and chip shops in the UK alone. But it wasn’t until the 1880’s when a lone Italian immigrant, Giuseppe Cervi, stepped off the wrong boat and walked from what is now County Cork to the emerald streets of Dublin, to sell fish and chips from a handcart outside the pubs in the capital.

    Fast forward to 2018 and Dubliner Andrew Daly, founder of Fryday Fish. A fast food company that is bringing a whole new flavour to Britain’s best loved meal. Fryday specialise in smoked fish on their menus, adding a new layer of flavour; which is the traditional way of serving battered fish in Ireland.

  • Our Fish

    Internationally recognised Alfred Enderby of Grimsby, who have been smoking haddock since 1918 are to supply Fryday exclusively. This restaurant quality fish will take fish and chips to a whole new level.

  • Our Restaurants
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    Our restaurants have all been styled on our amazingly successful pop-up chippers launched early in 2019. We've created an informal street food style experience with the added luxury of a contemporary seated area for you to enjoy your food.

  • Brand & culture

    Our strong identity and innovative technical platforms will see our reach extend across the UK, with online ordering via web and mobile APP, allowing us to compete with the takeaway food’s major players.

    Through innovation, sustainability, creativity and brand, FRYDAY is passionate about leading from the front and being the UK’s first choice for fish and chips. Our social media campaigns will geotarget customers within a radius of each location using a mix of paid advertising, sponsorship, viral and content marketing.


Be part of a fast growing industry

With more than 30 sites planned for 2019/20; We're Smokin'